Due to their responsibility for vast student data that is accessible to hackers, charter schools frequently require additional cyber liability insurance.

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What is Liability insurance for private schools?

Private schools are often believed to provide a robust and more personalized education than their public counterparts, with the ability to give students experiences that public schools cannot offer, such as training, elite academics, and religious education. Private schools remain in high demand, as well they are not that different from business, and they face many of the same risks faced by the traditional industry, but with unique circumstances. 
There is a lot at stake at private schools, unlike traditional businesses, you're responsible for children's lives, and the cost of a tragedy can be significantly higher than it might be in an ordinary retail store or restaurant. Most private school insurance is based on the same general philosophy, but there may be differences depending on if the school is religious, secular, or chartered. For example, a secular private school is considered a standard type of private school insurance. Still, technical and art schools often have unique insurance needs if they expose students to dangerous equipment, hazardous tools, and flammable materials like paint.
At charter schools, Directors' and Officers' insurance policies are particularly vital because charter schools are held to a high public standard of leadership and often receive public funds. Online charter school tends to need extra cyber liability insurance because they are responsible for extensive student data that is led to hackers.

What is General Liability For Schools?

The General Liability policy includes any Liability arising directly or indirectly from all school business, including school functions, that takes place outside of regular school hours. The general Liability insurance component of the care providers' insurance program for charter and private schools addresses these requirements and goes well beyond. 
Public school liability aims to help the school to grow and prosper; it also offers additional tools and resources to help them run effectively, reduce risk and drive success.
Every day, schools shoulder the immense responsibility it comes with the business. Whether Pre-K or college, they are full of students' interactions with each other, faculty, and volunteers. Risks range from mundane slip-and-falls to chemistry lab accidents, athletic team oversight, and student transportation.
Additionally, the facilities represent an enormous capital investment in need of protection. The general Liability insurance component of the care providers' insurance program for charter and private schools addresses these requirements and goes well beyond.

What is Private School Insurance?

Private School Insurance is almost identical to business insurance.

It usually covers five parts:

  • Liability Insurance: covers the school's legal fees and any settlement money in case of a lawsuit.
  • Commercial property insurance: covers the school buildings, equipment, and other physical items in case of damages from fire, natural disaster, and more; in an online private school, this could include computers and servers.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: covers school vehicles and school buses.
  • Workers' Compensation: covers school employees if they get hurt.
  • Umbrella Insurance: supplement the coverage types above in case of a disaster or lawsuit.
  • Students' insurance: parents trust private schools to keep their children safe and adequately prepare them for adult life, which is a big responsibility. There are lots of legal risks that result from that. For example, a teacher harming a student, an inadequate curriculum, or faulty safety equipment could all lead to massively expensive lawsuits -so expensive may probably be able to keep the doors of the private school open if there is no insurance.

How much does private school insurance cost?

Many factors affect the insurance cost, including the size of the school (both campus and number of students), the number of teachers, the age of students (young students often cost more to insure), whether you operate buses, and whether your school offers athletics and special programs.

Top 10 private school insurance companies in the USA:

  • State Farm Group
  • Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
  • Progressive Insurance Group
  • Allstate Insurance Group
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance Cos
  • Travelers Group
  • USA
  • Chubb INA Group
  • Nationwide Group
  • Farmers Insurance Group