FAQ about House Cleaning or Home Worker’s Insurance, AND HOUSE KEEPING BUSINESS INSURANCE

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It is true that house cleaning or housekeeping is an easy job with low risks in comparison with other jobs considered dangerous as building construction, steel factories, and many other heavy-duty jobs. That does not mean that house cleaners and housekeepers are always safe and away from dangerous accidents which could happen at any time and cost too much, such as harming themselves, the people he works for, or the visitors to the place where he works. The envious or material damages that the worker causes for himself, to his employer, or others, are completely the responsibility of the employer who hired him for this job, the employer will be asked and be liable legally for compensation for all damages caused by his employee regardless the nature or the cost of it.

FAQ about House Cleaning or Home Worker’s Insurance

Who is the employer for the cleaning services or housekeeping job?

 The employer in this domain varies from one place of service to another, as: 
The Business Owner of a Housekeeping or Cleaning Services Company, or any other firm dealing with such type of work, hiring many workers or cleaners, and having contracts to clean buildings, houses, and public or private places, on a monthly or yearly basis.

 The General director or owner of a company dealing with any type of business and has a cleaning department or section for janitors to clean the company building.

 The Homeowner who hired an individual to cover work in his home, such as cleaning, or taking care of the garden and that worker is not affiliated to the company or agency, or the housemaid that, locally or from another country to serve the homeowner and live in his house.

What are the frequent accidents to which the housekeeper or cleaner is exposed?

   The cleaners or janitors or housekeepers are always exposed to many accidents during performing their work, some of it is serious and dangerous and may cause death, injuries, and fractures, which result in partial or permanent disability either for them or for clients and visitors.

What are the damages that a cleaner may cause to others?

 While performing his job, the cleaner or the housekeeper could commit a mistake that causes bodily injuries or material damages to his employer, client, or visitor such as:
   - Client or visitor slips on the wet floor and suffers an injury.
   - An employee steals property either cash money, jewelry from a client’s home, or a pocket or desk at the workplace.

What type of insurance do I need to cover my Housekeeping and Cleaning Company?

  As a business owner for a company dealing with cleaning and housekeeping, running many contracts with firms and buildings for cleaning, on a monthly or yearly basis, those contracts always include clauses that held responsible for any delay in performing the required work, as well for all mistakes done by one of your employees causes bodily injuries or material damages for clients or visitors in the workplace. Legally you are responsible for compensation for all bodily or material damage.
Based on what was mentioned, for peace of mind and the continuity of your firm, and to avoid sudden accidents which may cost you too much, and you cannot afford it alone. It is better to purchase complete coverage through the following policies:

General Liability Insurance: covers the common risks and accidents, such as clients’ injuries, and material damages to clients’ properties, and it better lost key coverage for more complete protection, this policy is better for slip and fall injuries, and fractures, accidental property damages.

Workers Compensation Insurance: Workers Compensation Insurance is obligatory in most states, even if you hired an employee, the policy protects workers as well employer, from the work injury costs, for the fact the health insurance denies covering, in addition to medical expenses this policy will cover partially lost wages and lawsuits.

Janitorial Bonds: this policy is specially designed as a type of surety bond that protects your house cleaning clients if one of your employees steals any of their money or belongings.

Commercial Auto Insurance: you have a big company with a large number of employees, using business vehicles such as buses or trucks either for transportation for your employees or cleaning equipment and materials from place to place. This policy offers coverage to the third party for medical bills and property damages, in addition to the insured vehicle damages.

Business Owners Policy (BOP): it is affordable and suitable for House Keeping Companies to buy?

General Liability and Commercial Property Insurance together in one policy and wide coverage:
   - Third-Party Liability
   - Damages client’s properties
   - Theft of cleaning equipment and materials

FAQ about House Cleaning Insurance/ Housekeeping Insurance

Do Self-employed House Cleaners need Insurance?

 Being a self-employed house cleaner means you are an employer for yourself and sometimes another person you have hired to help you, so you are responsible, and you should protect yourself to continue your job as the only source of income for your family. It is not an easy job, there are risks in every moment or any place you work in, and you have to expect accidents that may cost too much and you have to pay from your pocket to avoid lawsuits in case of bodily injuries or material damages you caused for others, insurance will help and handle your liability.

What type of insurance do I need as a self-employed House Cleaner?

  Insurance is important and necessary even if the law in your state does not require it. Regarding the type of insurance, it depends on the size of your firm, whether you are working alone or you have an assistant or more, running the business from your own home or an office, in general, you need the following policies to cover all your business:
- If you have an office to run your work from, you need Commercial Property Insurance, to protect your office furniture, cleaning equipment, and tools in event of theft, or building damage for any reason.
- On the way to your client’s house, a sudden traffic accident may happen, unfortunately, your personal auto insurance may not cover it, since you’re using your car for business purposes. So you need Commercial Auto Insurance to help, repair your vehicle, and pay medical expenses in case of injury, and legal fees are also covered if there is a lawsuit.
- At the client’s house, many risks could happen, somebody slips and fall due to mopped floor, and anything in the client’s house is broken or damaged, in both cases, General Liability Insurance is required to protect and compensate.
- In case you have hired an employee to help you, Workers’ Compensation Insurance is needed, and it is Mandatory in most states. 

How Much Does House Cleaning Insurance Cost for Self-employed and Hiring an Employee or More?

   There is no fixed rate or cost, but it depends on the insurance provider’s rate and the risks you want to be covered (services offered, equipment and tools, employees…etc.). In general, the cost ranges between $29 and $39 per month. The approximate prices for common policies started as follows:
- Basic or Essential coverage for General Liability is $29 per month.
- Standard: This includes General Liability plus Property Liability with the business owner policy, which costs $39 per month.

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