Hagerty Insurance is one of the most trusted names in auto insurance. Learn why they're still the best choice!

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Hagerty Insurance Company

An American automotive lifestyle company, membership company, and considered the world's largest provider of specialty insurance for classic vehicles. They have been protecting drivers since 1984, founded in Traverse City, Michigan. Hagerty Insurance has been around for over 100 years and is known for its high-quality service and low rates.

If you've ever had an accident, you probably know how expensive car repairs can be. That's why it's wise to bundle your car insurance with other services, like homeowners or life insurance. This will help you save money on your premiums because you won't pay additional fees when adding or removing coverage.

Is Hagerty insurance for classic cars only?

Hagerty ensures only antique and classic cars, offering better coverage, more attention to its clients, and lower prices than any other insurer.

What will Hagerty insure more than classic cars?

Hagerty insurance has a big umbrella that covers all classic vehicles: all kinds of classic cars, antique cars, modified and newer vehicles, and trucks, in addition to motorcycles, vintage tractors, boats, and more... 

Why is Hagerty Insurance so cheap?

As an insurer for classic and collective vehicles only, Hagerty premiums are less than any other auto insurer because most collectors are rarely out on the road. Hagerty Insurance uses an innovative approach to keep costs down. Instead of paying commissions to agents who sell policies, they pay them directly to their customers. This allows them to offer lower prices than other companies because they aren't paying out commissions to brokers.

They use technology to make their claims process more accessible.

Hagerty Insurance has also developed a new technology called "Hagerty Connect" that makes it easy for customers to file claims online. It's a web-based system that lets people submit claims quickly and easily.

Does Hagerty offer discounts for good driving records?

Hagerty Insurance offers discounts for good driving records, so if you're a safe driver who rarely gets into accidents, you might qualify for a discount. You can also save money by bundling your car insurance with other policies, such as home or life insurance.

Does Hagerty Cover a stolen car?

   If the car is stolen or declared as a total loss, the insured will receive what the insurance company determines, which is the car's value at the time of loss and not the value of the car collector market.

Is Hagerty a public company?

  Hagerty's transaction was closed in December 2021 with 3 billion, which made Hagerty a publicly traded company, then named the winner in Mibiz's 2022M&A Deal and Dealmakers.