A common question is always all people asked: do attorney and lawyer mean the same thing, or in another word, is the word attorney the synonym of the word lawyer?

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A common question is always all people asked: do attorney and lawyer mean the same thing, or in another word, is the word attorney the synonym of the word lawyer? As a definition or concept the word lawyer and the word attorney, have a lot of common things, as both describe persons who have earned a Juris Doctor (JD) degree followed by legal training for a period before practicing their job in representing clients Infront of the various legal courts for different lawsuits and issues. From the technical point of view, it is well known, that attorneys are lawyers, but not all lawyers are attorneys.

The attorney is a lawyer who has passed successfully the bar exam and become a member of a state bar. Briefly, both lawyer and attorney are qualified to represent clients in courts, but still some legal complicated proceedings that the attorney can handle better than the lawyer.

FAQ about asking for help from an attorney or lawyer in car accidents insurance

-After a car accident who should I call first?

 Immediately and after an accident happened, you should do the following steps:
  1-Call 911 seeking medical attention and help for you as a driver and insured, if your condition is critical and you get severe injuries or fractures, let the other driver or any of the passengers accompanying you.
 2-Call the nearest law enforcement agency or he may respond automatically if he's around, since his presence at the scene of the accident is very important legally 
  3- Contact your insurance company either directly or within 24 hours to give the following details: 
        . The driver's name, address, and tel. number
        . When and where the accident place
        . The law enforcement agent responds to the accident.

After doing the above-mentioned steps it is necessary to inform your lawyer providing him with all details to solve your case with your insurance company, keep in mind always not to accept an insurance adjuster which may lose your rights especially when the accident is dangerous and resulted in physical injuries for you or your family and material damages for your car.

In case of a severe accident do I have to assign an attorney to handle my claim?

 Sometimes your lawyer is not qualified to handle car accident cases and he may lose your issue and your money. Here it is better to assign an expert attorney to represent you in Infront of the specialized court of road traffic accidents.

Why do I need to hire an attorney to represent in case of a car accident?

   An attorney is usually, needed for two important reasons: to represent you in court if there is a legal dispute between yourself and another driver or drivers if it is a complex accident, then the attorney will help you with any insurance claim with your insurance or companies, the expert attorney will do his best to ensure, you are getting the appropriate compensation for the physical injuries or fractures sustained for or any one of your family involved in the accident, and the cost of the material damages done to your vehicle.

How does it cost to hire an attorney and how payment is processed?

  There is no fixed amount or cost for hiring an attorney, it varies from state to state as well as from firm to firm. In general, all attorneys, or most of them work solely on a contingency fee basis. Where the client must pay nothing upfront when the attorney handles his case, all the client has to do is give all the required papers and documents related to the accident, even the small details are important to the attorney in the court, especially when there is victims or bodily injuries and huge material damages and great loss. An expert attorney specializing in traffic accident cases always wins the case, some don’t have enough experience, or if the case handled is not complete they will lose.
Based on what was mentioned above, and depending on the contingency principle, the client will pay at the final judgment when his case wins, on the percentage basis of the total settlement check which is usually between 20-40 percent.

Questions a car accident lawyer or attorney might ask

 As an insured involved in a car accident that results in bodily injuries for you or your family, and material damages and waiting for indemnities, you should cooperate with the attorney you hire to win your cast at the court, answering all his questions with full details will help him to prepare a complete file for your case before going to the court, most attorneys ask:
1-When and where the accident happens?
2-How it happened, with all details about the circumstances?
3-How many cars and drivers were involved in the accident
4-Do all drivers are insured 
5-Did the police come to the accident scene? Did he prepare a report and did you get a copy from him?
6-Do you believe that the other driver or drivers admit faults, is it recorded in the police report?
7-Do you have any idea about the policy limits or insurance coverage of the other driver or drivers
  On the other hand, you have the right to ask your attorney all necessary questions about the case processing and how it will go in court and get the attorney’s clarifications.

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