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What is AARP?

The American Association of Retired Persons was founded in 1958 by Ethel Percy and Leonard Davis, as a non-profit organization aimed to serve retired people who are age 50 and above, with 38 million members, its main headquarter is located at 601 E Street, NW, Washington, D.C, US and has offices in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands.

AARP Benefits and Advantages for members

AARP provides its members as well as their families with a wide range of benefits, aiming to make retired people live their best life, starting from health and medical care, financial tools, volunteering opportunities, travel, restaurant discounts, and more things in between from AARP, as the member can save on purchasing medical devices as, eye washbasin, hearing care,  prescription and allowed for free at-home hearing test, in addition to an online fitness program.

AARP Benefits for non-members 

It is true that AARP first was founded for retired people who are 50 and more, but today membership is open for all ages even those less than 50, due to the fact of  low price which is $16 per year, and the client can take benefits of all available offers in case he adds his spouse for free.

AARP Medigap Insurance Plans

It is necessary first to explain that Medigap is also called Medicare Supplement and aims to cover the difference between the amount insured usually and the other expenses which are supposed to be deductible with respect to most health insurers which is always 20% or something around that. As the patient is expected to pay a certain amount out of his pocket every year for Medicare part A and B Coverage.
AARP offers a Medigap plan for its members which can be sold to nonmembers since the membership costs only $16 per year. The cost of AARP Medigap Insurance cost varies widely, ranging between $60 to $300 per month depending on the services chosen by the insured for inpatient or outpatient.
What are the most popular Medigap Plans?
Plan F and Plan G can be considered the two most popular plans available only to those who are qualified for Medigap care before 2020, but because of their benefits most enrollees have chosen this plan.
Out of 10 Medigap plan options available for the beneficiaries, C, D, F, G, and N are the top five Medicare Supplement plans which can meet the requirement of the insureds.

Top 5 Medicare Supplement Plans for 2023

-Plan F Best Coverage
-Plan G coverage for new Medicare enrollees 
-Plan N second most comprehensive 
-Plan C second most comprehensive
-Plan D second most comprehensive

5 Best Medicare Supplement Providers of 2023

It is necessary to point to an important fact, for people who are 65 years and more, Medicare doesn’t cover all their healthcare expenses, Medicare Part A covers only 80% of Inpatient Care expenses while Medicare Part B covers 80% of Outpatient care including Medical Supplies. The 20% which is not covered by Medicare can be purchased as a separate policy from a private insurance provider.

According to a survey performed by Forbes Health Team about the best Health Insurance Providers for 2023, taking into consideration the following measurements:
-Number and Types of Plans they offer
-Number of States they cover
-Their financial position according to Rating Agencies such as A.M. Best and other Rating Agencies
  The 5 Top 5 Medicare Supplements Providers for 2023 are,
-HUMANA Rated 5 Stars for,
  -Coverage available in 49 States
  -Offers 10 Types of Medigap Plans 
   -Policies can include benefits beyond regulations requirements
-AARP by UnitedHealthcare rated 4.9 stars for,
   -  Coverage available in all 50 States
   - Offers 9 types of Medigap Plans
   -Policies can include benefits beyond regulations requirements
-Blue Cross Blue Shield Rated 4.6 stars for,
    -Offers 10 types of Medigap Plans
    -Coverage available in all 50 states
-Policies can include additional benefits beyond the regulations require
-Mutual of Omaha rated 4.2 stars for
  -Coverage available in 49 states
  -Offers 6 types of Medigap Plans
  -Policies can include additional benefits beyond the regulations require
-Cigna rated 4.2 stars for
   -Coverage available in 48 states
   -Offers 6 types of Medigap Plans

What is the relationship between the UnitedHealthcare Insurance company and AARP?

It is true that AARP was founded first to serve retired people with age 50 and more, but it is an independent association working privately, in another word AARP cannot afford to provide healthcare services for a huge number of retired and their families. 
Based on what was mentioned above, AARP was in bad need of partners to cooperate with in handling this big social responsibility. AARP and UnitedHealthcare aligned together and handled the Healthcare for individuals with age 50 and more. UnitedHealthcare insurance becomes the main exclusive insurer of AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans.

FAQ about the relationship between AARP and some other Insurance Companies

AARP and Hartford Insurance Company, as AARP is a non-profit Association and a membership-based organization, while Hartford is completely a publicly-traded insurance company that aims for owned by shareholders, but the two parties are partners in business as Hartford is offering great car insurance discounts for AARP to help its members in protecting their families, drivers, and passengers.

What Insurance Companies work with AARP

Hartford can be considered the only national Auto and Home Insurance program endorsed by AARP.

What is AARP and who is sit for?

AARP was founded basically for retired people with age 50 and over along with their families to overcome the life obstacles they may face, so its aim from the beginning was, and still social, to offer health care and promote retirement savings as well as to let each of its members feels that he is not alone in this age.

What is the equivalent of AARP

  Side to side with AARP stands many other organizations and associations, handling the responsibility of retired people and their families, such as AMAC a membership organization for ages 50 and more, the American Seniors Association, and the 60 plus Association.

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